In pursue of intelligent passwodless authentication
and fraud prevention with enhanced security
There has been always looking for ways to improve user experience in certification process. Just as adding features will impact
performance, the addition of security will impact usability. Traditionally, the more layers of security are added to a product, the less
convenient the product becomes. This trade-off in usability vs. security has remained constant throughout the digital age until now.
  • Authentication process through the virtual private network (VPN) between certification terminal unit and server
  • Temporarily cut off the network of the terminal unit while executing
    certification process
  • Download the One Time Password (OTP) to the terminal unit by
    utilizing VPN
  • Use Captcha technology to prevent the extortion of OTP
    information by robot
  • Authentication request from the authentication server is delivered
    to the smartphone by push notifications
We provide to establish an optimized network infrastructure to the device/user network connection control which is based on the
“Network VPN-based Network Virtualization” technology.  The establishment of VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with convenience and
security should guarantee a perfect network environment for every field of applications.  The network virtualization technology
deploys to isolate and configure virtual network based on the existing network, and only authorized user is allowed to distribute
information through the isolated transmission path safely at anytime, anywhere without the possibility of forgery, falsification and
data extortion.
  • Formation of completely separated virtual network on demand
  • Access control for each virtual network provided
  • Save on network building cost  & maintenance fee
  • Detect and control abnormal behaviors proactively
  • Efficient usage of limited network resources
  • Use and access to all networks with a single device
  • Prevent any Intrusion from unauthorized devices
  • Provide virtual space to safely distribute data and information
System Integration for Financial Communities
Building the safest cloud infrastructure by combining public convenience and private security.
NSBeyond understands the challenges of eliminating passwords better than most and we are also able to provide full pledged
technical support as a service integration process to simplify and accelerate deployment for financial as well as banking communities.
  • Connecting new and legacy systems
  • Ensuring security, privacy and compliance
  • Monitoring trends and innovations, analyzing data, researching user
  • Transaction processing
  • Transaction processing
  • Offering the platforms and strategies needed to lock down and
    maintain critical infrastructures